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Unicode (utf-8) is the preferred encoding for Web sites. However, the following historic encodings may still be encountered. win-1250 (aka Windows Encoding) iso-8859-2 (aka Latin-2) Language Tags. Language Tags allow browsers and other software to process Hungarian text more efficiently. The appropriate codes are I have a problem with my Display datas from Mysql php page. My problem is when I want to display some hungarian specific chars like á or é they replaced with question marks. I set all of my tables and rows to utf8_hungarian_ci, and the entire table and rows to utf8_unicode_ci, but it doesn't work Ugyanakkor a hu_HU.UTF-8 érték magyar nyelvet, Magyarországot és UTF-8 karakterkészletet jelent. Hasonlóan a nyelvi beállítás értéke lehet például en_US (USA, ISO-8859-1), en_GB (Nagy-Britannia, ISO-8859-1), cs_CZ (cseh, Csehország, ISO-8859-2), ja_JP (japán, Japán, EUC-JP) stb., és ezek bármelyike megtoldható a .UTF-8 kódkészlet-módosítóval

I use the Hungarian language in the script, which contains several unusual characters like öüóőúéáűí. I wrote the modules on Win7 with an original cp-1250 coding, and then I moved to Ubuntu raring, where the system default is Utf-8 8: 38: digit eight: u+0039: 9: 39: digit nine: u+003a: 3a: colon: u+003b; 3b: semicolon: u+003c < 3c: less-than sign: u+003d = 3d: equals sign: u+003e > 3e: greater-than sign: u+003f? 3f: question mark: u+0040 @ 40: commercial at: u+0041: a: 41: latin capital letter a: u+0042: b: 42: latin capital letter b: u+0043: c: 43: latin capital letter c: u+0044: d: 44: latin capital letter d: u+0045: e: 45: latin capital letter e: u+0046: f: 4

The HTML report contains wrong characters in case of some Hungarian chars. This is my serenity property file: feature.file.encoding=UTF-8 serenity.report.encoding=UTF-8 serenity.project.name=Test s.. UTF-8 is a variable-width character encoding used for electronic communication. Defined by the Unicode Standard, the name is derived from Unicode (or Universal Coded Character Set) Transformation Format - 8-bit.. UTF-8 is capable of encoding all 1,112,064 valid character code points in Unicode using one to four one-byte (8-bit) code units. Code points with lower numerical values, which tend. UTF-8: UTF8: 8bit Universal character set: UTF-16: UTF-16: 16bit Universal character set: US-ASCII: ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange: windows-1250: Cp1250: Eastern European (Albanian, Croatian, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Latin, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian) Windows encoding windows-1251: Cp125 Thanks, PaulH that seems fine to me, at least I've created the DSN according your suggestion and CF Admin accepted it on my development machine. I have just two questions left to clarify before sending the connection string to my hosting provider: 1. In another forum posting I read about a suggesti.. utf-8; hungarian characters work in post title, but fail in post body . Migrated From Jforum.net. Ranch Hand Posts: 17424. posted 13 years ago. Number of slices to send: Optional 'thank-you' note: Send. this is a weird one. we have tomcat 5.5, mysql 4.1. jforum 2.1.

Table UTF-8 Unicode Character Set - for HTML UTF-8 enabled pages. írta Ladislaus | 2019.06.30. Working in a bi/multi-lingual environment can be a challenge when coding HTML pages with non-standard characters A collation for the utf8 character set. See also: Collations in 10.6 CS , in 10.5 ES , in 10.5 CS , in 10.4 ES , in 10.4 CS , in 10.3 ES , in 10.3 CS , in 10.2 ES , and in 10.2 CS This page is part of MariaDB's Enterprise Documentation

√99以上 ƒOƒ‰ƒuƒ‹ ƒTƒ‰ [ƒT “üŽè 573548Arduino: LCD SPLC780D1 for European Languages and UTF-8NetResults ProblemTracker Help

Problem inserting text with special Hungarian characters into MySQL database. Prisec. New Here , Jan 30, 2007. Copy link to clipboard. Copied. When I insert text into my MySQL db the special Hungarian characters (ő,ű) they change into ?. When I check the <cfoutput>#FORM.special_character#</cfoutput> it gives me the correct text, things go. So, encoding is used number 1 or 0 to represent characters. Like In Morse code dots and dashes represents letters and digits. Each unit (1 or 0) is calling bit. 16 bits is two byte. Most known and often used coding is UTF-8. It needs 1 or 4 bytes to represent each symbol Old Hungarian Small Letter Enc on various operating systems Please note that the image above is computer generated and not all images are curated, so certain errors might occur. Additionally, the operating systems change on occasions the default fonts they provide, so the character might not look the same on your operating system Old Hungarian Capital Letter A on various operating systems Please note that the image above is computer generated and not all images are curated, so certain errors might occur. Additionally, the operating systems change on occasions the default fonts they provide, so the character might not look the same on your operating system character utf-8 (hex.) name; u+3000 e3 80 80: ideographic space: u+3001 、 e3 80 81: ideographic comma: u+3002 。 e3 80 82: ideographic full stop: u+3003 〃 e3 80 83: ditto mark: u+3004 〄 e3 80 84: japanese industrial standard symbol: u+3005: 々: e3 80 85: ideographic iteration mark: u+3006: 〆: e3 80 86: ideographic closing mark: u+3007: 〇: e3 80 87: ideographic number zero: u+3008 〈 e3 80 8

Re: [SOLVED] Some UTF-8 Hungarian fonts display as squares. squares == the font does not have the character. Leave the locale as utf8, it is not the problem, but find some font that has the characters you need. Evil #archlinux@freenode channel op and general support dude. . files on github, Screenshots, Random pics and the rest. Offline The UTF-8 Character Set. UTF-8 is identical to ASCII for the values from 0 to 127. UTF-8 does not use the values from 128 to 159. UTF-8 is identical to both ANSI and 8859-1 for the values from 160 to 255. UTF-8 continues from the value 256 with more than 10 000 different characters. For a closer look, study our Complete HTML Character Set Reference Hexadecimal HTML Entity. . Hex Code Point (s) 1f1ed, 1f1fa. Formal Unicode Notation. U+1F1ED, U+1F1FA. Decimal Code Point (s) 127469, 127482. UTF-8 Hex (C Syntax The character encoding specified in the HTTP header (iso-8859-2) is different from the value in the XML declaration (utf-8). I will use the value from the HTTP header (iso-8859-2). Ez lehet a probléma.. Note that UTF-8 can be used for all languages and is the recommended charset on the Internet. Support for it is rapidly increasing. For Hebrew in HTML, iso-8859-8 is the same as iso-8859-8-i ('implicit directionality'). This is unlike e-mail, where they are different. For more 2-letter language codes, see ISO 639

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I read that it would be the most straightforward way to do everything in UTF-8 because it handles well special characters so I've tried to set up a simple testing environment. Besides I use CF MX7 and my hosting provider creates the charset of UTF-8 and choosing utf8_hungarian_ci as default collation. Then HTML Character Sets. The HTML5 specification encourages web developers to use the UTF-8 character set! This has not always been the case. The character encoding for the early web was ASCII. Later, from HTML 2.0 to HTML 4.01, ISO-8859-1 was considered as the standard character set. With XML and HTML5, UTF-8 finally arrived and solved a lot of. <cfset setEncoding(URL, utf-8)> <cfset setEncoding(FORM, utf-8)> <cfcontent type=text/html; charset=utf-8> 3.) I wrote some special Hungarian chars (<p>??</p>) into the page and they displayed well all the time. 4.) I've created a simple MySQL db (MySQL Community Edition 5..27-community-nt) on my shared hosting server with phpMyAdmin.

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Symbol: , Name of the character: old hungarian small letter and, Unicode number for the sign: U+10CC8, the icon is included in the block: Old Hungarian If you select Cyrillic ISO-8859-5, you will see Russian characters. If you select Unicode (UTF-8) you will only see rectangles, because Unicode expects to see the &#xxx; coding, not the [ALT]0xxx used in preparing this chart. Your screen driver may not allow you to see all characters correctly, for some sets Internet Explorer can encode the hungarian characters well, Microsoft. XPS can alsp print them, but with PDF Creatot there are special squares. in the text. Don't know what should be set or change to force the program. to use UTF-8 encoding, or what should be the problem. Maybe just some. true type font should be add to OS

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A. Name. Latin capital letter A. Unicode. 0041. UTF-8. 41. Language(s) Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician. og2ogr character encoding problem. Warning 1: One or several characters couldn't be converted correctly from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1. Warning 1: layer names ignored in combination with -sql. ERROR 1: Failed to create field name 'nev' : cannot convert to UTF-8. So what should I do to keep my strange Hungarian characters

assertEquals(convertToBinary(語, UTF-8), 11101000 10101010 10011110); As we can see here UTF-8 uses three bytes to represent the character '語'. This is known as variable-width encoding. UTF-8, due to its space efficiency, is the most common encoding used on the web. 6. Encoding Support in Jav Character encoding (aka code page) Character encoding is a name (utf-8, iso-8859-1, etc.) and an equivalence table with a set of characters and octet values for each of these characters.. Code page is the name that SAP uses instead of character encoding. Code pages have a 4-digit number instead of a character name. Equivalences between Character encoding international name and SAP code. Make sure that the php file itself is saved from the editor in UTF-8 format. Each progamming editor has the capability to change the character encoding. Finally check your database if the tables and the database are utf8_hungarian_ci encoded. MySQL connection collation should be set to utf8_general_ci. That should be it

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U+10C80 copy and paste. This code point first appeared in version 8.0 of the Unicode® Standard and belongs to the Old Hungarian block which goes from 0x10C80 to 0x10CFF.You can safely add this character in your html code with the entity: You can use the u+10C80 copy pc button below Available Locales and Supported Character Sets. The available locales can be classified as recommended locales and additional locales. The following tables summarize the locales available in Oracle Solaris 11, including details of the supported character sets wherever appropriate Unicode defines different characters encodings, the most used ones being UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32. UTF-8 is definitely the most popular encoding in the Unicode family, especially on the Web. This document is written in UTF-8, for example. Currently there are more than 135.000 different characters implemented, with space for more than 1.1 millions Note: Those of you familiar with character encoding will probably spot the iconv.convert(Hello, ASCII, cp1252) example as a trivial conversion, because the source and result strings are identical.This is because both ASCII and CP1252 use the same byte-codes for alphabetic characters (as does UTF-8). This screenshot demonstrates the point by representing Hello as byte codes in the.

ALT Codes without leading zeroes (ALT 1 - ALT 255) produce special characters and symbol based on IBM's Code Page 437 / DOS. Code Page 437 is the character set of the original IBM PC (personal computer) and DOS. It is also known as CP437, OEM-US, OEM 437, PC-8, or DOS Latin US Overview of character encodings used in Unreal Engine

(1): Unicode information is no longer missing on decoding UTF-8 because four byte UTF-8 is supported after version 4.102. When the KanjiCode(recv) is set to UTF-8m, a part of combining character are processed for Mac OS X(HFS+). (2): A user must specify the locale to convert the characters between Unicode and MBCS Jeppe's. Unicode. page. This page is UTF-8 encoded. Take a look at the following character (s): ñ. If you see an n with a ~ above, your browser understands UTF-8 and you can read this page. If you see something else (typically an A with a ~ followed by a plus/minus sign) your browser does not understand UTF-8 and you should find. Just specify the encoding used, e.g. 'windows-1251', with a variable containing the input character encoding string of your application calling JpGraph. A typical such string would be 'UTF-8' or 'utf-8'. The comparison is case-insensitive. If this charset is not a 'koi8-r' or 'windows-1251' derivate then no conversion is done From Bugzilla Helper: User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.6) Gecko/20040505 Description of problem: When I shut down the computer, the hungarian shutdown messages (Sending all processes the TERM signal etc., but in hungarian) have UTF-8 problems, all Hungarian characters e.g. ���� look weird, they are displayed as two messy characters

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  1. I noticed this problem only with these two characters, other similar ones like 'á', 'é', 'ü' or 'ö' are OK. And here are my settings on the Modx where the above mentioned two characters appear as '?' mark: MODx 2.0.5 - pl ver In System settings Character Encoding set to UTF-8 MySQL db collation set to: utf8_hungarian_c
  2. UTF-8 as well as its lesser-used cousins, UTF-16 and UTF-32, are encoding formats for representing Unicode characters as binary data of one or more bytes per character. We'll discuss UTF-16 and UTF-32 in a moment, but UTF-8 has taken the largest share of the pie by far
  3. UTF-8 (default). ISO-2022-JP, Shift_JIS, EUC-JP (for Japanese). ISO-2022-KR, EUC-KR (for Korean). GBK, Big5, GB18030 (for Chinese). Specifying Email Character Sets. You specify an email character set in the SMTPCharacterSet parameter in the application server configuration file, psappsrv.cfg. By default, the SMTPCharacterSet parameter is set to.
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Locales The operating system provides the following Hungarian locales: hu_HU.ISO8859-2 This locale also exists under the name hu_HU.ISO8859-2@ucs4 for use by applications that need to convert file data in ISO8859-2 format to UCS-4 process code to perform certain kinds of character operations. hu_HU.UTF-8 UTF-8 locales support file code and. Here is my situation. PHP5.2.4, MySql 4.1.15. A php web-application fully utf-8 encoded and a mysql database in latin1 charset. To make this work I had to: 1. create and store all code files (php, html, inc, js, etc) in the utf-8 charset. Your editor should have an option for this, if not dump it This page is sensitive to the character set of your input. If it contains non-latin characters you can use the above control to adjust the result. Help for: Encode/Decode HTML Entities. HTML Entities is a mapping of characters that have special meaning to HTML documents. To encode regular text to HTML Entities, type in the first box and click. Greek Characters in Supplementary Set. iso-8859-8 - Non-accented Hebrew. iso-8859-9 - Latin-5 (Turkish) As for iso-8859-1, but Turkish instead of Icelandic. iso-8859-10 - Latin-6 (Nordic) Lappish/Nordic/Eskimo languages: Adds the last Inuit (Greenlandic) and Sami (Lappish) letters that were missing in Latin 4 to cover the entire Nordic area

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There are two checkbox in Data Loader setting (Read all CSV's with UTF-8 encoading and Write all CSV's with UTF-8 encoading). Please always mark it as True to ensure all of the special characters are captured properly It appears the Parser loads raw bytes from the file and refers to its internal encoding to determine their actual encoding. Now, a typical use of mb_internal_encoding is shown as follows. Make the change to utf-8 but leave the /source/ file encoding unchanged: The output will just show the <br/> tag and no text

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The number of characters to read from the file, _ or a StreamReadEnum value. Default is adReadAll=-1 If Len(charset) = 0 Then charset = utf-8 With CreateObject(ADODB.Stream) .Type = 2 'adTypeText = 2 Specify stream type - text/string data If it contains non-latin characters you can use the above control to adjust the result. Help for: Encode/Decode URL. The URL encoding is a protocol that maps non permitted characters for URLs (Uniform Resource Locator). To encode a regular text to URL encoding, type in the box on top and click the Encode button

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For general information about Unicode, see Section 10.9, Unicode Support . MySQL supports multiple Unicode character sets: utf8mb4: A UTF-8 encoding of the Unicode character set using one to four bytes per character. utf8mb3: A UTF-8 encoding of the Unicode character set using one to three bytes per character. utf8: An alias for utf8mb3 ARCHICAD export the pen-set configuration encoded in UTF-8, but the DATA I/O gdl-addon reads the txt-files as encoded in ANSI (Windows 1252). So when the imported values are displayed with funny characters in the object instead of Äs, Üs, Ös..

After writing the above code (remove special characters in python string), Ones you will print string then the output will appear as an sgrk100002 . Here, it removes the special character from the string and it will return a string with letters and numbers and the loop will iterate through each character I'm trying to use the HtmlEditor control in a UTF-8 environment in a Linq-2-SQL project. All other fields with DynamicControls works well, however if I paste any text into the HtmlEditor control, it will fail Firebird SQL: The true open-source relational databas UTF-8 is a variable width encoding that uses one to four bytes to represent a Unicode code point. Part of the success of UTF-8 is that the characters used in ASCII have the same encoding in UTF-8 - that is, if you have a document in ASCII, you can just say it is now in UTF-8 and all works well This class can convert string from UTF-8 to Windows1250 character set encoding. It is a simple class that can take as parameter a string encoded in UTF-8 encoding. The class can replace characters that need to be encoded to convert them to Windows 1250 encoding

(ucs transformation format 8) an ascii-compatible multibyte unicode and ucs encoding, used by java and plan 9. Wikipedia English - The Free Encyclopedia UTF-8 is a character encoding capable of encoding all possible characters, or code points , in Unicode A: StoreYa supports the import of special charaters of any language via CSV by encoding that CSV as UTF-8. A minor setback is, that Microsofy Excel doesn't allow encoding a CSV as UTF-8, however, there's an easy solution to this: Open your products' CSV using Notepad. Click: File>Save As, below the file name expand the list of Encoding field.

For delimited files (CSV, TSV, etc.), the default character set is UTF-8. To use any other characters sets, you must explicitly specify the encoding to use for loading. For the list of supported character sets, see below. For all other supported file formats (JSON, Avro, etc.), the only supported character set is UTF-8 An 8 bit character set knows 256 symbols (2^8) Unicode (UTF-8) is a multibyte character set. Unicode has the capability to define over a million characters. For more information on Unicode see the white paper Oracle Unicode Database Support (PDF JDK 8 and JRE 8 Supported Locales. The set of supported locales varies between different implementations of the Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) as well as between different areas of functionality. This page documents locale support in Oracle's Java SE Development Kit 8 (JDK) and Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (JRE) First of all CONGRATULATION and thanks to all the ravennuke team for the new release. Im having a problem with unicode characters like persian or arabic language, before with rn2.4 it was working fine now all im getting is ?????. I have checked the website and database charset its UTF-8. Tell me what should i do. thank

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  1. utf-8(7) - Linux man page. ASCII kompat bilis t bb b jtos Unicode k dol s. Online manual. Ubuntu, Debian, Mint,
  2. Complete Character List for UTF-8. Character Description Encoded Byte � NULL (U+0000) 00 START OF HEADING (U+0001
  3. Home › Forums › Support › Need latin2 encoding for my page instead of UTF8 (for hungarian characters) This topic has 1 reply, 2 voices, and was last updated 3 years, 4 months ago by Tom . Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total
  4. Unicode Reference - Character ಍ - OLD HUNGARIAN CAPITAL LETTER EG (U+10C8D) See also: All Characters (136,755) | All Planes (17) All Blocks (280) All Categories (38) All Scripts (143) Code Point. 68,749 . Server Image. Unifont Upper . Browser ಍.
  5. Sikerült új tárhelyhez jutnom, azonban csak mysql 4.1.20 van a szerveren, és itt nem szerepel utf8_hungarian_ci rendezés. A latin2_hungarian_ci létezik, azonban én ragaszkodom az UTF-8-hoz. Melyik rendezésnél van az ö,ő,ü,ű jó sorrendben? general/unicode_ci
  6. THE UTF-8 ENCODING • Universal character set Transformation Format-8-bit. • Unicode character set - attempts to represent all characters in all languages • More than 120,000 characters covering 129 scripts and multiple symbol sets! • 1st 128 chars the same as ASCII • Other character may require up to 4 bytes
  7. Replace special characters from different european languages ( ANSI codepage unicode utf8 ) 2 5 4,604 Last week I ended up with a task to convert special characters before writing them into a text file for a legacy system ( no #utf-8 support ) using

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  1. the email arrives, the subject displays correctly új tárgy with proper characters, but the message body has unreadable content both from the template file part, and the myText variable: Hi , à RVà ZTÅ°RÅ tükörfúró --teszt árvíztűrÅ'-
  2. In the Editor the English can handle the Hungarian description with the special Hungarian letters but the Hungarian editor unable to handle these characters. Symbols appear on the website in Hungarian version instead of the letters with accent. I have to change every single Hungarian characters with the relevant HTML code but this takes ages
  3. Hi there, Thanks for sharing this. Will fix it and update you on this. Thank
  4. They both are different character, but why do I receive the same data and actually they both are wrong data after looking at the PC865 table. search for UTF-8 encoding, with that will work, otherwise not, because those 2 letters will take 2 bytes at encoding , not 1
  5. your extended characters with tildas and such are 8 bit characters, smtp is a 7bit protocol (like US7ASCII, only 7 bits are used). IF your smtp server supports it, it MIGHT be able to take the 8bit data with the write raw data routine, if not you'll have to base64 encode the data (which uses only 7bit characters

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  1. I installed the Adora quickstart and started customizing the modules when realized that in the source code the Hungarian characters are not UTF-8. Funnily the..
  2. 3.1. Character encoding. On account of the advantages afforded by standardization the entire corpus is stored and represented with UTF-8 encoded standard Unicode characters. One of the advantages of Unicode is that accented forms can be dinamically composed, since basic characters and combining diacritical marks are represented by their own.
  3. instead.Todothis,followthesesteps: 1.OpentheWindowsStartmenu. 2.Runcharmap.exe.TheCharacterMapdialog opens. 3.IntheFontlist,selectafontthatsupportsth
  4. e the encoding type? An encoding sniffed by looking at the first few bytes of the file
  5. Running client tools (e.g. SQL Loader, SQL Plus) against a database with UTF8 character set, you must assign WE8ISO8859P1 to NLS_LANG for the client tools due to prober data representation. That means a correct characterset conversion will take place within SQL Net and Net8 respectively
  6. Encoding standards tell the web browser or email application how to interpret the text characters in your HTML or the body of the email, such as an outbound e-mail sent from Salesforce application. The most popular character sets are UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1. ISO-8859-1 (aka Latin1) included only Latin based language characters.It is limited in size, and not compatible in multilingual environments
  7. Article UTF-8 in Hungarian Wikipedia has 25.7002 points for quality, 1045 points for popularity and points for Authors' Interest (AI

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  1. ing the character set, or encoding, of character data in an unknown format. This is, at best, an imprecise operation using statistics and heuristics. Because of this, detection works best if you supply at least a few hundred bytes of character data that's mostly in a single language
  2. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages
  3. e the encoding. Supported encodings: * ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 (2 variants), UTF-32 (4 variants) * Big5, GB2312, EUC-TW, HZ-GB-2312, ISO-2022-CN (Traditional and Simplified Chinese) * EUC-JP, SHIFT_JIS, ISO.

U TF-8 is an ASCII-preserving encoding method for Unicode (ISO 10646), the Universal Character Set (UCS). The UCS encodes most of the world's writing systems in a single character set, allowing you to mix languages and scripts within a document without needing any tricks for switching character sets. This web page is encoded directly in UTF-8 Dealing with UTF-8 characters in filenames. Post by SmilingInSeattle » Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:52 am Jejoongwan .avi files have Hangul characters in the file names. The subtitles use an English phonetic for the same. I did not know how to use my US keyboard to rename the subtitles with Hangul to match the .avi files charset: (UTF-8 == utf8 variant of Unicode) The first is ultimately (but not directly) responsible for the change from 15,2 to 15.2. Each locale has it's own variant for number separator, date pattern, quotation character, etc., although it is perfectly possible to speak French but prefer Hungarian locale patterning (whatever) * The 65000/1 code pages are encoded as UTF-7/8 to allow to working with unicode data in 7-bit and 8-bit environments, however . Even if you use CHCP to run the Windows Console in a unicode code page, many applications will assume that the default still applies, e.g. Java requires the-Dfile option: java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 Unicode characters will only display if the current console font. Hungarian: it: Italian UTF-8 input is used for mappers other than MAPPER_NON. In this mapper, strings are converted from raw UTF-8 input to single ASCII characters from 0-127, and indexes from 0-127 within the combined two 64-glyph pages C2 and C3. SIMULATE_ROMFONT: Languages can opt to use the HD44780 ROM font special characters on.