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Catfishing, blackfishing and sadfishing are things now... So better check that you know what they mean!.. Last week, MadameNoire magazine was called out for hiring a white woman writer, with accusations that the publication was Blackfishing. An expert breaks it down Blackfishing needs to be stopped, in this video we talk about the usual suspects. follow me on insta msblackintrovert. Thanks for watching the video! Blackfishing needs to be stopped, in this. Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl

De ezek a szavak/szókapcsolatok is barátainktól jöttek: *blackfishing*, *bottom/top bunk*, *burglar floodlight*, *drive-by*, *ring off the hook*, *silent infection*, *splinternet*, *textual deterioration*, *trash collection day*, *weblish*, *weight shaming*

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What is 'Blackfishing'? Here's what a Black publication

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Video: BLACKFISHING All Of These White Influencers Are Making Themselves Look Black